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We always happy to provide the sample of our Quality Products to customer as per the request and required products. We charge for the sample plus freight to required destination. Please fill below all the required fields along with the full detail of your required products along with the customization (if required). Fields with (*) are necessary to fil.


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Please provide the courier account number, in case if you want to use your own courier collection account for samples delivery.
Please provide us the details for the required item sample's including Model Number, Required Sizes & Quantities etc.. You may put the additional details in message section available on bottom. Example: Cotton T-Shirts, Model # JE-0871 Sizes: S,M,L Qty: 5 Pcs Each
Please provide all the details of your samples requirements. In case if you don't find any design or product on our website. You can provide us your required design details by sending website links or can provide design files/mockups by email attachments later.

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