J-Eastermann International is leading manufacturer & supplier of sports gear & apparels. We are producing the high quality genuine leather boxing gear. We always use high quality leather, materials and accessories for long lasting products. We always produce our products as per international standards with best quality materials.

We have variety of products and models in boxing equipment range including high quality custom leather boxing gloves, leather bag gloves, leather punching gloves, focus mitts & pads, kick shields, boxing shoes, head guardsshin guards, speed balls, boxing shorts, boxing gowns, boxing trousers, tracksuits and all it’s accessories.

All these products could be supplied with customer personalized branding, modifications and custom design artworks. Always have different material options to meet customer needs. We have facility of branding of all types including custom printing, direct embroidery, rubber/foam embossed logo or embroidery logo patches. We can also supply all our products with customers branding, private labeling, tagging & packing requirements.

We also produce customer on demanded products from physical samples or mock-up’s and supply these with customer private labeling and branding on good prices.

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