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About Us

     J-Eastermann International the leading manufacturing company of Motorcycle Clothing, Leather Fashion Clothing, Sports Wears, Sports Gloves, Safety Wears & Safety Gloves. The company having certified body of ISO 9001:2008 & CE Approved with wide experience in their business.

     In depth of introduction it was time in mid of 2002 when Mr. Muhammad Saleem & His elder son Mr. J.A. Saleem decided to grow their local small trading business to manufacturing of different sports goods. For this purpose they established the Sports Goods & Safety Wears manufacturing company M/s J-Eastermann International in June 2002. In early days they only started with the manufacturing of Safety Gloves & Safety Wears with few investment and machinery availability. But later they added the production line of Sports Clothing, Motorcycle Clothing, Cycle Clothing & Different other Sports Gloves.

     Even with too much investment troubles and worldwide finance crises they carry their business with aim to grow it globally. In 2009 they got the additional their two another family members Mr. Muhammad Sabir & Mr. Muhammad Babar who was just free from their studies. Now they were a strong team to keep eye on all aspect of their business.

     With too much struggles by Mr. Saleem & Sons with addition of very hard working team they moved toward their business goal and got their company approved by the certification authorities. Now the company is presented as International Standard Business Processing and got approved the ISO 9001:2008 Certified along with CE Certified for their safety products.

     Still this is not the end of efforts but the beginning of work. They still have to do much more they already done in past. Family Values, Experience of Field, Skill Hardworking Team and Educational Knowledge helping their business day by day which will carry on (InshaAllah).

Company Certifications


Reference: DCS/968987
Issued By: Dynamex Certification Services
Range: Working Gloves, Welding Gloves & Safety Wears

ISO 9001:2008

Name: ISO 9001:2008
Reference: QAIC/PK/3361
Issued By: QA International
Range: ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturer and Exporter of Motorbike & Fashion Wears, Motorbike Accessories, Sports Wears & Gloves, Safety Wears & Gloves.

NTN (National Tax Number)

Name: NTN (National Tax Number)
Reference: 1359640-3
Range: Issued by the Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan.

STN (National Tax Number)

Name: STN (National Tax Number)
Reference: 1359640-3
Range: Issued by the Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan.

Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI)

Name: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI)
Reference: A-22182
Issued By: SCCI
Range: Issued by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce.

Certification Of Appreciation (Alibaba)

Name: Certification Of Appreciation (Alibaba)
Reference: Alibaba Certification
Issued By: Alibaba.com Hong Kong Limited
Range: This is the certification of Appreciation from Alibaba.com Global Supplier Development for Pakistan Best Practice Competition in 2014.